Bike Fitting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get fitted to your bicycle?

Having a proper position on your bike is critical for all levels of cyclist. For a novice rider, having your bike adjusted to you ensures maximum comfort and cycling ease. Experienced riders will find that a good fit increases efficiency, power, and comfort. Finally, cyclists of all levels will reduce their chance of developing cycling-related injuries with a proper fit.

What is meant by a “proper position” on one’s bike?

A good position allows the rider to adapt to changes in terrain, cadence, and effort while also remaining comfortable. The goal is to fit the bike so the rider can comfortably cruise with their hands on the hoods, climb, and relax using the tops, as well as descend and sprint from the drops. The 15-step bike fit will put the rider in a powerful and comfortable position achieving a correct neutral fit that allows the rider to adapt to any terrain he or she encounters.

What goes into getting a bike fitted?

Fitting a bike begins with the bike being put into a trainer so our bike fitter can observe the position and movements of the rider on the bike. Ideally, for optimal biomechanics, the rider should be supported by their saddle so they sit squarely so that he or she can achieve balanced power delivery from the whole body. Additionally, proper fit also ensures ideal alignment of the hip, knee, and foot throughout the pedal stroke for the safest and most efficient marriage to the bike. Finally, the rider should have comfortable reach with a slight bend to the elbow, hava their wrist with neutral bend, and have the handlebars at the correct width so that their wrist, elbows, and shoulders are in alignment.

Our Services

Kyle's Bikes Fit RoomBike Sizing

The Bike Sizing helps the rider initial setup the bike by looking at the three contact points. When the rider leaves the fit room, the saddle will be set at the correct height for proper leg extension, the saddle’s fore and aft position will be adjusted to put the rider’s knee in a neutral position, and rider’s reach and hands will be comfortable. This service is free with every new bike purchase!

Sport Fit

The Sport Fit is a more intensive bike sizing for the rider looking to rider longer and farther. In addition to setting the saddle height, the saddle’s fore and aft position, and examining the rider’s reach, the bike fitter will look at cleat placement, pedal stroke alignment, and saddle support to make the rider as comfortable and efficient as possible. This service costs $75.

Racing Fit

The Racing Fit is for the cyclist who is riding competitively and want to maximize the power output and endurance without sacrificing comfort. This fit covers everything done in the Sport Fit but with a stronger emphasis on a lower racing position on the bike. This service costs $125.

Tri Fit

The Tri Fit is for the triathlete wanting the best position on the bike to maximize the energy savings of an aerodynamic riding position without giving up comfort or power output. This fit involves everything done in the Sport Fit but with strong emphasis on achieving an aero fit on the bike. The Tri Fit often involves the changing around of stems, spacers, and aerobars on more complicated engineered tri bikes, therefore this service costs $250.

Any of these bike fittings can be done with any bike and any type of rider. It is extremely helpful if the customer comes ready for a ride by wearing shorts and the shoes they currently ride in or intend to ride in and bringing the pedals they want to use.