Running Analysis

We feature running shoes from Brooks, Asics, Saucony, and Altra in our Ankeny location. We even carry track spikes. Best of all, we are committed to helping your find the perfect pair of shoes for you.

Dartfish Gait Analysis allows us to video you while running on our treadmill in order to measure your degree of pronation. We match you some shoes that we believe will work best you. Then we video you running again to be certain that these are the correct shoes.

Types of Pronation

Pronation is the rotational movement towards a prone position. In running, a moderate degree of pronation (the tendency of the foot to roll to the inside) is good It happens to be the body’s natural shock absorber

There are three types of pronation: normal, overpronation, and underpronation. Everyone is created differently so that is why they make shoes for a wide variety of foot strikes and pronators.

Normal pronation consists of an initial strike with the outside part of the heel, rolls inward, and then pushes off evenly from the front of the foot. Overpronation starts the same as normal pronation, but then the foot rolls too far inward, and at the end of the cycle the foot pushes off using the second and big toe. Underpronation starts the same as normal pronation also, but does not pronate in enough to act as a shock absorber, and the push off phase is directed toward the little toes so usually ends up overworking them.

Benefits of Gait Analysis

Without the use of gait analysis, the shoe fitter might conclude that any indication of pronation needs to be controlled, resulting in the runner ending up in a stability shoe. Being able to determine how much the person pronates, allows us to put the slight to moderate pronator in a neutral shoe. That's a shoe that doesn’t alter that person’s natural, beneficial, and good pronation.  

Most people pronate to a certain degree, but as described above, this is not a bad thing and does not need significant posting for correction. Without the use of gait analysis to reveal just how much, it stands to reason that a majority of people will end up in the shoe fitters stability shoe of choice.

Part of Every Shoe Sale

Dartfish Gait Analysis is a standard part of every shoe fitting. There is no extra cost, and no need to make an appointment. Our goal at Kyle’s Bikes is always about making sure you get the best possible fit. Come in to our Ankeny store today and get fit right!

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